Monday, December 27, 2010

Back in action

After looking over a few stories I posted last year, I realize that I definitely need to blog! I don't remember all the details I wrote about, especially with what Kaiden was doing as a baby. So, here I am back in action...ready to blog thoughts and happenings. I realize how many millions of blogs are out there with thousands of followers (a bit intimidating at first), yet with this blog I have only one goal... to share our life so I don't forget and can look back and enjoy the stories.

So...before I get dinner started. Here's a debrief from the last 4 months or so...

*We're finally settled in our new town home and really enjoying it-especially decorating it for Christmas this year

*Kaiden... is now 15 mos old and is walking, jabbering, and constantly cutting teeth since his 1st didn't come in until he was 11 mos old...he's got some catching up to do :) He has such a sweet personality that you immediately notice. You'll also notice, he never stops moving!

*Mike... got a promotion at work. He's now a Captain over the Volunteer Department with Durango Fire and Rescue. He's always wanted to work in admin and he fits this job so well with his ideas and care for people. For our family, it means he works 5 days a week now instead of 24 hour shifts. He only works one evening a week and if he has to pull a Saturday or a long day, he can take another day off during the work. His schedule is a super flexible 40 hour a week one that we are really starting to enjoy and settle in

*Me...we did the math and it was a better move for me NOT to teach this year after the 1/2 hour drive in and home and paying a babysitter, I really wouldn't be bringing any $ home. That was bittersweet because I found a school I love but for this phase in my life, my family is more important. I'm cleaning a few houses on the side to bring in a little money. For now, I'm enjoying the days with my sweet lil guy! We're getting into the play date scene and we both LOVE to get out of the house and do our best to do that often! I had a miscarriage back in October, but time heals. One year old kisses bring healing too! Hopefully we'll see our family grow again this next year sometime, with at least getting a puppy :)

Christmas is now over and it's time to embrace a new year. We were very blessed this Christmas in spite of our lack of extra $. I'll miss the lights, the tree, and most of all the Christmas music. Our goals the rest of the winter-to put laminate wood floor in our dining room instead of carpet (that is getting trashed quickly) and for Kaiden and I to go visit my niece in North Dakota. She hasn't met her awesome Aunt Stephy yet, and that is NOT ok. :)

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  1. yay! glad you're back :) I've been wondering what was going on with you guys!! So so sorry to hear about your miscarriage-how incredibly hard that must have been, and, I'd imagine, still is some great to hear about Mikey! Tell him congrats from us :)