Monday, December 27, 2010

Back in action

After looking over a few stories I posted last year, I realize that I definitely need to blog! I don't remember all the details I wrote about, especially with what Kaiden was doing as a baby. So, here I am back in action...ready to blog thoughts and happenings. I realize how many millions of blogs are out there with thousands of followers (a bit intimidating at first), yet with this blog I have only one goal... to share our life so I don't forget and can look back and enjoy the stories.

So...before I get dinner started. Here's a debrief from the last 4 months or so...

*We're finally settled in our new town home and really enjoying it-especially decorating it for Christmas this year

*Kaiden... is now 15 mos old and is walking, jabbering, and constantly cutting teeth since his 1st didn't come in until he was 11 mos old...he's got some catching up to do :) He has such a sweet personality that you immediately notice. You'll also notice, he never stops moving!

*Mike... got a promotion at work. He's now a Captain over the Volunteer Department with Durango Fire and Rescue. He's always wanted to work in admin and he fits this job so well with his ideas and care for people. For our family, it means he works 5 days a week now instead of 24 hour shifts. He only works one evening a week and if he has to pull a Saturday or a long day, he can take another day off during the work. His schedule is a super flexible 40 hour a week one that we are really starting to enjoy and settle in

*Me...we did the math and it was a better move for me NOT to teach this year after the 1/2 hour drive in and home and paying a babysitter, I really wouldn't be bringing any $ home. That was bittersweet because I found a school I love but for this phase in my life, my family is more important. I'm cleaning a few houses on the side to bring in a little money. For now, I'm enjoying the days with my sweet lil guy! We're getting into the play date scene and we both LOVE to get out of the house and do our best to do that often! I had a miscarriage back in October, but time heals. One year old kisses bring healing too! Hopefully we'll see our family grow again this next year sometime, with at least getting a puppy :)

Christmas is now over and it's time to embrace a new year. We were very blessed this Christmas in spite of our lack of extra $. I'll miss the lights, the tree, and most of all the Christmas music. Our goals the rest of the winter-to put laminate wood floor in our dining room instead of carpet (that is getting trashed quickly) and for Kaiden and I to go visit my niece in North Dakota. She hasn't met her awesome Aunt Stephy yet, and that is NOT ok. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I like to blog but have yet to find the time to keep up! I am through and through a definite list maker; however, I can't EVEN claim to be able to FIND my 10 lists I make all the time, but nonetheless writing things down helps me process. So here's my personal BTD, "blog to do", of what I want to catch up on writing about. Ha! Maybe this is a brilliant idea to NOT be able to lose this list. :)

Blog to do:

*packing and moving out of our very first apartment-very sentimental for me

*painting and unpacking into our very first home we've bought (including the HUGE job moving and unpacking is-sheesh!), what I'm enjoying about a new town home

*thoughts on my personal lifetime goals- trying to stop worrying and not judging

*our current battle with K's eczema and the terror I woke up to find last night, hurry up Tuesday!

*simple pleasures I love in life

*books I want to read because I keep losing my list of ones I need to order

*update on K at 5 months, including fun Vday poses by yours (creatively) truly. I love my buddy boo so much!

This should keep me busy for a while!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Today Kaiden figured out how to rollover from his tummy to his back! It's pretty cute because he tries to suck on his fingers when he's on his tummy, which then helps him to roll over. He seem to think it's pretty fun.

A few first he's started doing:

*he's found his giggle, it's no longer a cough when he gets tickled! So sweet.

* he's found his fingers and doesn't try just to shove his WHOLE fist in his mouth, progress for sure.

*he's started sleeping 10:30-6 through the night...a big thanks to my co-worker Heidi for the pep talk she gave me to work at it!

Is it crazy to be excited when we can give Kaiden a little brother or sister? I'm so looking forward to having more kids!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Matters To Him

Cast all your care on Him, because it matters to Him.

A verse that lives deep in my core. This was verse was part of a word given to me years ago at an IHOP conference prophetic time. The word was that God had NOT forgotten me and I was NOT left out. Something I always seem to struggle with...

Today I blog because I want to look back at this blog and remember all the things I learn from, struggle with, and grow in during my life.

Here I am 5+ years later, still clinging to that verse with EXCITEMENT and deep TRUST in my relationship with God. He hasn't forgotten me... and has given me a FANTASTIC husband who is willing to work at making our marriage excel.

It matters to Him...I am back teaching in a Christian school which I have had word upon word prayed over me that this is part of my gifting and calling to do. It's fulfilling.

It matters to Him...He answered my prayer in giving us a child...a son, which was the desire of my heart for a first child.

He's now provided a loan program that literally fell into our lap allowing us to purchase our first home with an AWESOME interest rate when we weren't even looking to buy for several years. Before we even knew about the USDA loan, I was praying for us to be able to buy a home because it looked so impossible at the moment! I hadn't told anyone that I was praying for this,and once again He shows me-It matters to Him...and most recently today I've seen His care yet again.

Mikey and I believe in tithing and do our absolute best to stay consistent at it, and it seems pretty much every time I write a tithe check a week or so later, there's a blessing that comes our way. Whether it was a pay raise, a random check in the mail, or a meal's pretty amazing. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote our tithe check very nervously. We had company coming and needed to still get groceries and would be using lots of gas, PLUS I hadn't worked over Christmas break and won't get teaching check for another two weeks after school has started back up. We use my teaching checks (not gonna lie on it being the big money check, but it's more so the "I'm happy with my lower paying job" check) for food and gas money. So this week, I'm wondering how we will get groceries and put gas in the cars without credit card-ing it all (something we try so hard to NOT use now). Today I get the mail and there's a refund check from a bill we overpaid last summer... for $500ish!!!! Grocery and bills taken care of again, plus a little fun money too!

Lord, thank you SO much for your amazing care and concern throughout my life and now my family's life.
Thank you for not forgetting.
Thank you for your faithfulness.
Thank you that every big and small detail in our lives MATTERS to you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The whirlwind that WAS Christmas break

Christmas break....ahh fun (!) but by no means a true BREAK, except from teaching my classes for a couple of weeks :)

Let's see...

*Came down with mastitis again...out of pure boredom, of course-CHECK!

*Got my first cold of the season the same weekend of the mastitis while hubby was on shift every other friggin' day-CHECK!

*Worked on lots of paperwork for purchasing our new exciting home in Bayfield-CHECK!

*Got over the cold, mastitis, and border-line thrush the day before Christmas Eve-CHECK!

*Enjoyed all the gifts Kaiden got this year from both our families-CHECK!

*Enjoyed making birthday cupcakes for baby Jesus and reading the Christmas story to Kaiden-CHECK, CHECK!

*Can't remember everything I enjoyed about Christmas this year-CHECK!

*Husband's aunt, uncle, and cousins came in town to meet Kaiden-CHECK!

*My brothers and sister in law came in town that SAME week to meet Kaiden and stay in our tiny apartment-CHECK!

*Loved spending time with my brothers and sis-in-law, so much I bawled like a baby when I had to take them to the airport. Sigh.-CHECK!

*Got Kaiden's baby book up-to-date...the only project I got done over break-CHECK!

*Back at school now, busy as ever with Student Activities, starting to pack, picking out paint colors, trying to figure out Kaiden's schedule again, trying to think of how I can get to know people while being so sleep deprived and not as socially confident as normal, trying NOT to get stressed about most things in life right, and trying NOT to eat chocolate and sweets-CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Here goes...a little more serious, a little more honest... not the post I was expecting to write next, but...

the holidays spark such emotion in me. Not sure why. Maybe it's the little girl in me, that still loves Christmas lights, the excitement of opening stockings(!), sipping on hot cocoa, watching dancing movies being jealous of those killer moves, decorating a Christmas tree, listeing to stories about the birth of Jesus, and then there's that part of me that still loves to dream.

My dream? I've always wanted a close family, but sadly it's never been a reality. There's a hole that some days seems deeper than most days. This week, it seems deep and makes me sad. I "get along" great with my family there's no serious hatred there, but there's not that dynamic element of LOVING to be around each other. I have to admit I get a tid bit jealous sometimes when I see how much my husband's family stays in contact with each other and how they also truthfully enjoy one another's company. That's what I feel jipped on is being able to enjoy one another's company and being silly, in whatever form your own humor is.

Grant it, I only have brothers for siblings, and guys are not the best at calling just to say hey, plus we live 1000s of miles apart, which is understandable. I love my little brothers and my prego sister-in-law. I enjoy a long-distance friendship with them. They are actually coming to visit next week! It's the first time I can say I have family in town for the holidays. I like that feeling. We always have a great time when we see each other. It's rare for my brother/sister-in-law in North Dakota to be able to get together with Mike and I. Next week will be good...refreshing!

Back to my it is vulnerable and honest...

I dream of having a family where we have fun traditions of finding a Christmas tree together, singing Christmas carols, having a game night, or all piling on the couch to watch movies. I dream of being able to go shopping with a mom who loves to shop as much as I do and we just chat, chat, and chat about life-what we like, what we don't, latest recipes, how our jobs are going, movies we like, and even get pedicures together. I dream of feeling safe in my dad's embrace and hearing him say how much he loves me. I dream of seeing him happy and not the deep sadness and tiredness from life in his eyes. I dream of extended family getting together for the holidays and laughing at all the stories people tell, not just listening to people talk about how they're barely surviving. I dream of sitting back and watching my family's eye light up because they love life and love each other, not judging each other's flaws or differences. I dream of feeling at home with my family. I dream. I come back to reality that people make their own choices of what they want to get out of life. I forgive. I dream some about my own kids.

Mikey and I have often talked about how we want to raise our family to be close, a healthy close but a fun and silly close too. I so desire a house full of laughter and the openness to share your heart and thoughts (in a respectful way). Maybe the hole in my heart will heal with my own kids. Maybe I'll get back 10x what I feel jipped on. I think it's starting to with Kaiden. When he grins at me and snuggles me, I feel at home. Maybe it's healing more than I know.
I'm excited to have more kids as the years go on, and until then I keep dreaming.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas time is here...

This year we got our tree up the day before Thanksgiving, which is a first! We didn't quite have the rest of the house decorated completely until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Christmas is my husband and I's favorite time of year! This year we get to enjoy the blanket of snow in our little mountain town. (Our apartment is upstairs to the left)

Since I'm totally a list person, here's a few of my personal favorites I'm enjoying this season:

*Christmas movies: Home Alone 1 and 2, Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas (love, love the dancing), and Elf (LOVE Buddy the elf) are my favorites this season!
*Christmas music: Silent Night, hands down makes me cry EVERY time I try to sing along. No, it's not because of my voice, but I really get choked up picturing the serene moment where Jesus was born, and then I think about how dear Jesus is to me, so very dear to my heart. Tears are coming now.

Christmas traditions: This is our first year together as a family of 3 and I'm excited to think about things we can start to do together, our FAMILY. So exciting! For Christmas Eve, I hope we can go to our church's Christmas Eve service, drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music, and at home read Christmas stories together cozied up by the fireplace. Lastly, we'll snuggle (I seriously LOVE Elf).

Christmas morning maybe we can make a tasty breakfast, help Kaiden open gifts that family have sent, and then we'll probably head to Mikey's parents to celebrate the day there. I also like to think of fun things we can do with Kaiden as he gets older to help people in need, teach the true meaning of Christmas, and have fun with Santa and reindeer.

Christmas presents: We can't afford any this year (a soon to be post coming about that) except sending my family members a cute framed pic I'm posting here and then the names we drew on Mikey's side of the family (their tradition). We so enjoy giving to people we love, but this year we'll express our love a different way than a gift. Maybe we'll call each person and sing to them-ha! So our Christmas present is the joy of being together with our new son! I don't mind, I'm pretty fulfilled with just him and my hubby when it comes to having my heart's desires.
Christmas commercial: Yep! There's one about Kay Jeweler's this year. It's a mom rocking her baby early in the morning and the dad coming down to check on her. Plugging the Christmas tree lights in, he somehow talks about how it's just not "any" Christmas morning, but it's their first Christmas morning as a family. Tears. Now, again. Makes me tear up (happy ones) every time I see it...because that's us this year! No I don't need diamond earrings :)

Well, that's all the time I have tonight. I still need to post pics of a few cute ornaments we were able to get/were given this year and thoughts I have on the Christmas story itself.